We welcome you and your family to the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 308.

ATU Local 308 was certified with the Amalgamated Transit Union as the Amalgamated Association Street Railway Employees of America on December 1, 1902. Our purpose as a Union is to improve transit as well as our wages and working conditions. We are also dedicated to preserve our Constitution and By-Laws established in order to secure and defend our member’s rights.

ATU Local 308 is the sole and exclusive bargaining agency for all of its employees, by and between the Chicago Transit Authority, a municipal corporation.

ATU Local 308 employs three full time officers, two part-time officers, eleven executive board members and eleven assistant executive board members all of whom are elected every three years. We also employ one full-time office manager.

Within our walls briefly described are the life struggles of thousands of men and women like you, who gave of themselves to fight for and maintain the benefits and privileges you are about to inherit. Through collective bargaining and other means, the members of Local 308 have been the creators, the craftsmen and the creditors of today’s modern transit system.

By reading the history of ATU Local 308 you will reflect upon our history and imagine how our working conditions were in the past as compared to today. Think about the world, as it was the politics of the day and the quality of life as it once was. Consider the countless hours of work, dedication and persistence the past officers and members of Local 308 have provided in order to make a career with us a better one.

Working together in the best tradition of organized labor, remember that twenty, thirty or fifty years from now, someone like yourself or your children will be joining ATU Local 308 and may read about your efforts towards improving his or her working conditions.

Enjoy our website!