You Should Know


A Section Pick for operating personnel is done twice a year, normally for a summer and a winter pick.  The system pick is done every two years, where employees can pick a different terminal to go to for the next two years.  You can pick (in order of seniority) in person, by submitting a “choice” slip or call by phone.  If at all possible you should always pick in person to cut down mistakes. 

The Rail Clerks and Board Member should make you aware of everything that is available to you with no exceptions. There may seem to be limitations depending on what people ahead of you pick, So to make the process go smoother, it is important to have an idea of what you want as far as days off and the hours that you may want to work. If you run across a problem, it is imperative to report it to the pick clerk, union board member and the terminal manager right away. Please take responsibility for picking your own schedule.


Let’s start by watching what we eat. I know it’s hard with the hours that we keep and with the little time we have for lunch, but we need to start concentrating on ourselves and making our health a priority. Also, a reminder to those who are Diabetic, the Authority is not going to allow you to operate if you are taking insulin. So if at all possible, please advise your doctor to prescribe pills instead.

We received an increase on our dental insurance, so by all means, take advantage of it. Healthy teeth leads to healthy gums and a much healthier social life. If you need a good dentist call the Union office and I will recommend someone for you. Be safe out there and have a 


A union brother or sister applies for The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).  They receive their paperwork from Sedgwick, which our union brother or sister must give to their physician to complete. Once completed their physician must promptly send that paperwork back to Sedgwick. Then Sedgwick will send our brother or sister their approved FMLA paperwork with the conditions and stipulations listed on it.  Sounds good so far?

Now our union brother or sister have FMLA and decides to use it for the condition stated in their paperwork (Family or self). They notify the terminal clerk that they are taking off of work due to their FMLA and are allowed to do so. Fine, right?  Not so!!

Our union brother or sister have now been told by their manager that their days off that were taken for FMLA were not approved, which now turns into a missed assignment or sick-book entry.  How could this have happened?

Lately Local 308 have been receiving numerous reports from the rail terminals/shops regarding unapproved FMLA. When we investigate these reports we find that our members do have FMLA but are not following the stipulations. Example: I’ve been approved for 4 days within a certain time frame but take five or six instead or I’m approved for designated days (Tuesday & Friday), but I take other days. The main reason why this is happening is two-fold: A) our brothers and sisters are not thoroughly reading their stipulations for their FMLA and B) they are not following up with their physicians or Sedgwick if they need to increase their coverage.

It gets frustrating when you have a condition which needs FMLA attention. But its even more trying when the Local has to attend disciplinary hearings for members who have accumulated misses and/or sick-book entries due to them not following their FMLA stipulations.

Brothers and Sisters, it is your FMLA! Not the Union’s or the Authority’s.  Please follow regulations to the highest degree. Also make sure that your doctor or nurse send your paperwork to Sedgwick promptly.  Get confirmation (fax, email, etc.) from your physician for evidence that it was sent to Sedgwick. You can also send copies of your paperwork via fax to Sedgwick. Also get to know your claim representative at Sedgwick and make sure that he/she has all of your pertinent information.

Remember, Brothers and Sisters, its’ your FMLA.

In Solidarity

Mark Weems
1st. Vice-President

  • DAY 1 – Employee: Call your work location and notify your clerk/manager
  • DAY 2 – Employee: Call Sedgwick CMS at 312-759-2282 to report your illness or off duty injury
  • DAY 3-7  – Employee: Obtain a copy of CTA Form 7530 “Disability Notice”, and have your medical provider to complete his or her portion.  The form must be sent to Sedgwick CMS immediately to begin your claim. If you have been off less than eight days and have been released to return to work, report directly to your work location to resume work.
  • DAY 8 or More – Employee: If you have been off work due to illness or off duty injury for eight or more calendar days, employee must: * Report to the Advanced Occupational Medical Specialist (AOMS) with a full duty physician release.

In Solidarity,

Mark Weems
2nd. Vice President –

P.S. — Learn as if you were going to live forever. Live as if you were going to die tomorrow.
-Mahatma Gandhi

If you feel your contract has been violated and you cannot resolve this issue at the station levels it is incumbent upon you to proceed with this grievance process once you have knowledge of the fact that your issue is not settled at the station level you now have 30 days to submit your grievance at the first stop level.

There are several issues that do not fall under the grievance procedure, one is “workman compensation issues” they fall under state workers comp laws and regulations. Seniority is something that is controlled by the union, if there is a seniority issue a complaint can be made and if said complaint cannot be addressed with the local administration and executive board then the membership makes the final call with the approval of the International union.

Most grievances are denied at the first step level because the department that has created cause for the grievance in the first place answers the grievance at the first step and that is within 30 days of the CTA receiving the grievance. At the second step level employee relations answers the grievance.
Many grievances are settled at this level but if the grievance is denied at the second step which must be answered within 30 days from the date that the grievance was denied at the first step of the grievance process.

After the response from the second step process is received by the local a copy of the response is mailed to the member requesting that the member comes before the executive board who will recommend whether or not to arbitrate the case and finally at the next membership meeting the members vote whether or not to arbitrate the case.

If you have any questions about the grievance process please contact your union representative.